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50 Cal M2/M3 Receiver kit Ma-Deuce!


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M2/M3 50 cal demilled receiver. Demilled through the sideplates. Includes complete rear back plate(M3 type), demilled M3 top cover & demilled trunion.
The left and right sideplates are demilled with 2 cuts each, but are definitely re-weldable. Top and bottom plates will have one cut each. The M3 type top cover will have either one or two cuts. No internal parts are included.
If you can weld and fabricate, these receivers will save you at least $1000 on your build. Perfect for semi-auto, post dealer sample full-auto, or dummy gun builds.
The picture shows a representative view of how these are demilled but each set will differ to some degree.
Limited supply! Please follow all NFA rules when rebuilding these receivers.

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