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Polish PPSh-41 Kit - 4 Magazines, & Extras


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We just found a small batch Polish PPSh-41 kits in our warehouse. For the last 12 years our PPSh-41 kits were known as the gold standard! Kits are in excellent condition! Polish manufactured replacement parts kits, cut to ATF Specs. Complete as per photo with original fire control group, accessories including 4 36rd stick magazines, mag pouch, sling, oil bottle and cleaning rod. Barrel not included. Matching numbers on receiver, trigger guard and stock. There may be some small areas of light rust on some of the parts, otherwise like new.
All NFA laws apply.

**If you reside in a state where high-capacity magazines have been banned, any high-capacity magazines will be removed from the kit unless you submit a valid high-capacity magazine permit or Type 07 FFL (Manufacturer)** Shipping will be $22.50 rather than the flat rate shown at checkout. VERY limited quantity!

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