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Slide Fire Stock for Saiga Rifles & Shotguns (XJC Model)

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Introducing the all new SSAI-MC line of Slide Fire Stocks, for use with Saiga rifles and shotguns! The SSAI-MC line is compatible with most unconverted* Saiga firearms regardless of caliber. Both the XAE (AK style) and the XJC (Skeleton style) models offer the same functionality and compatibility, but give customers the aesthetic choice of which style would look best on their firearm.

Built around the shooting technique of bump firing and BATFE approved, our patented designs allow for the fun of rapid fire without the loss of safety that can come with other methods. The perfect choice for adding fun to your shooting session, Slide FireĀ® stocks are what you need to take your rifle to the next level. Proudly manufactured in the USA and constructed using military grade polymer, our stocks offer unmatched durability and reliability in any environment.

*If your Saiga is a converted model, please see our SSAK-47 stocks, the SSAI-MC line is not compatible with converted Saiga rifles or shotguns.

*Not compatible with folding stock models.

Contents: SSAI-MC, Interface block, Mounting Hardware, Hex Key, Installation and use instructions printed on retail box.

  • Model: SSAI-MC XJC

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