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Polish PPN-3 Night Vision Scope


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Polish Gen.1+ night vision scope of Russian design. Late 1970's production.
Condition is High Grade, appear unissued though storage case has some scratches and scuffs.
Will Fit: Dragonov, PSL, PKM, SG-43, Most AK Style Side Rails!
Cammed for 7.62X54r
Completely Original – ALL Matching #'s !
Kit includes: Storage Box, Field Case, Soft cover.
Inventory list, Additional light bulbs for retical,
Instruction manuals (in Polish), daylight filter, tools and cleaning papers.
3 original wet cell batteries in original metal battery storage box.
Batteries are dry, discharged and have corrosion but clean up nicely for display! Could possibly be rebuilt to working order.
Original operating voltage is 3.75 volts.
We have tested these units with 2 AA batteries in a battery pack and they ARE IN WORKING CONDITION! Retical lights up and night vision is working!
The battery compartment on the scope is quite large and will accommodate an appropriate size self made battery pack.
Battery packs for AA's, CR123 and other battery types are available at Radio Shack and other electronics stores.
Note: These units are in excellent condition and known working order when they leave our warehouse. We will not be responsible for their condition upon delivery to you. We have not experienced any problems in this regard however returns will not be accepted. Shipping Insurance is included in shipping cost.
These are the nicest condition and most complete night vision packages of this type that we have ever seen. Great for historical displays or actual use. You will be pleased!

  • Model: PPN-3

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