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DI Optical RV2


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Model: RV2

. Parallax Free.
. 1.5 MOA Dot Size.
. 30mm Objective Lens.
. 14 Brightness Setting (7 Night vision, 7 Daytime)
. Night vision Compatible.
. Detachable Screw-In Mount.
. Optional QD Mount Available
. Approx. 20,000 Battery Life with 1-AA Battery (Mid Brightness Level).
. Auto Shut-Off Feature (10 Hours if No Movement)
. Unlimited Eye Relief.
. Wide Field of View for Fast Target Acquisition.
. CNC Machined from Solid Billet 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum for Maximum
. MIL-STD 810G Military Standards for Temperature Range, Thermal Shock,
Waterproof and Recoil Resistance.
. Scratch Resistant Multi-Coated Lens.
. Rugged Construction for Extreme Duty.
. Storage Temperature: -42 F ~ 160F
. Operating Temperature: 25.6F ~ 160F
. Dimensions: 110mm X 47mm X 69mm
. Weight: 333g (11 oz) / w/ Battery

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