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PPs-43 SMG Parts Kit


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Original 'east block' PPS-43 SMG Kit. Excellent condition. Our kits have the full one piece barrel shroud, most of the kits offered by others have a extra cut through the shroud making them more difficult to build. Please see our picture and compare! Comes with 1 magazine and a mag pouch, oil bottle and cleaning rod. Barrel not included. Don't forget to order a receiver repair section and barrel support kit (trunnion) to complete your build!
All Kits are cut to ATF Specifications.
All NFA rules apply.

If you reside in a state where high-capacity magazines have been banned, any high-capacity magazines will be removed from the kit unless you submit a valid high-capacity magazine permit or Type 07 FFL (Manufacturer)

  • Model: PRUPPSH43

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